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New urbans gardens site launch - do your grocery online

Did you know that there is a new way to do your grocery shopping!

You are always busy but at the same time choosy when it comes to what you and your family eat.  You eat healthy... you like good and diverse food, exquisit dishes!  You're at the right place.  Here's the first organic grocery store available on-line!  You groceries at a click of the mouse!

Les Jardins Urbains is a producer of about 250 varieties of legumes coming from their own greenhouses and fields.  The vegetables are delivered the same day as they are picked.  Try the freshness of Les Jardins Urbains products! Try the real taste of nature! As if you picked them yourself!

Don't look anywhere else, only Les Jardins Urbains offers you a similar service since only the Jardins Urbains has the expertise. 

Les Jardins Urbains, because we're naturally unique!

A new organic on-line grocery shopping Les Jardins Urbains has been launched.

The site has been created with Extenso to manage the following:


-orders, baskets, transactions

-mass mail

-extranet for the invoices, inventory, etc.

All the catalogue pages are dynamic since prices vary depending on user category.

Moreover, Les Jardins Urbains uses DirectMail software to maintain constant communication with its clients.

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