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CN Employees' and Pensioners' Community Fund

Previously using the 4th version of the Extenso technology,the CN Employees' and Pentioners' Community Fund worked together with Sednove to migrate to the 6th & latest version of Extenso to date.  During this migration, we made sure to transfer any special features and widgets present on the prior site.

This adjustment led to the redesign of modules for the website. It is now possible for them to put on silent auctions directly on the site, and to collect donations directly from CN employee’s payroll.

With this new version of Extenso, the CN Community Fund can now generate a new type of reports, quickly and more efficiently. This technology will allow them to improve their working techniques thanks to the new functionalities of the 6th version. We finished the project by giving the site a new and freshly refined look.

Visit the final site here!

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