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As a mission for TV chanel TQS, Sednove is in charge of the following :

Technical support Sednove is responsible for technical management of applications, servers and different demands of TQS concerning management of their web sites.Sednove is in charge of monitoring of TQS servers in real time.As soon as there’s a problem with a server or a service, Sednove team and that of TQS are informed automatically by a cell phone.

Extenso for TQS

TQS uses Extenso to manage all contents of its web site.All aspects specific for TQS are entirely managed by a TQS team with support from Sednove.  La mise en production on the actual TQS site is done via Extenso tool using RSYNC software that allows synchronising of file repertory.

Analysis of logs with Urchin.

Sednove uses Urchin software to analyze the log-in’s to TQS.

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