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The beginning of a new era

SedNove changes, our territory is expanding and our offer is expanding. A branding team is added.

Recomanded news

  • Sednove new look!

    By February 2013, SedNove moves to new premises bright, colorful and welcoming. We look forward to welcoming you. You're a bit curious? Click here for a small taste of what is coming ...

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  • Promoting responsible investing with Wealth Peer

    This past January, SedNove and its business partner Ndex launched Wealth Peer: a virtual network designed to link investors to financial advisors, institutions and financial products and services providers in the most transparent possible manner. The g

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  • Evaluating job applicants via the web

    CN can now manage the evaluation of job applicants via a questionnaire developed by the SPB group. SedNove recently completed the implementation of the web tool that generates it while acting as an intermediary for other standard psychometric tests suc

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