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This site in 5 languages created for Shire’s internal survey allows to have statistic real-time reports based on Shire employees’ responses.

The questions are managed via administrative centre.
There are about 1600 participants.
Each participant receives an invitation by e-mail to complete a questionnaire. A link in e-mail will allow us to identify the participant.
Each participant can complete only one form.
The questionnaire is made of 40 choice questions each offering 5 choices. (strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree and do not know) and 3 specific questions.
The 40 questions are divided in groups based on 8 criterions.
There is a retry for non-participants after a week.
As a result of 2 weeks participation, the data is being analyzed.
The analysis is based on 8 criterions:
Global percentage according to 8criterions
Percentage according to the position in the enterprise, group and geographical sector.
Global percentage according to the criterions vs. the geographical sector.
Percentage according to the geographical situation versus the position in the enterprise.
Demographic percentage in each sector.

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