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The site is now responsive with new features, adding widgets and strategic tools.

Sednove has set up a set of techniques to maximize visibility and improve SEO.

Recomanded news

  • Corbeil et Maranda

    The comedians Corbeil & Maranda choose Sednove for its branding and Extenso to create its website.

    | 2294 Visits
  • Opto Réseau App

    Sednove has developed an iOS and Android mobile app for the Opto Réseau.

    | 2352 Visits
  • A revival for the Cinémas Beaubien and du Parc

    Cinémas Beaubien and du Parc in collaboration with Sednove launch the responsive websites of the two institutions and reveal the new brand image to the public.

    | 1575 Visits

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