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Mediafilm, the first North American provider of cinema content in French, manage a collection of documents linked to more than 73,600 cinema works. It also makes available daily every document to all Quebec province newspapers in order to develop people critical thinking.

The sharp rise of its website visits on mobiles makes Mediafilm realize that it needed its website 100% responsive. It is the main reason for the migration forward the sixth version of Extenso. Indeed, version 6 makes any website responsive on every electronic device.

By migrating from Extenso version 4 to version 6, Médiafilm did not only make its website responsive. It has now more liberty on the layout and on the content entry. This migration opens the way for all future developments on their website. Thus, with the launching of the new website, there have been the launching of Cinequiz.

Have a look at the final product here!

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