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Emulsion strategy marketing agency has chosen Sednove to develop the Quebec Produce Growers Association (QPGA)'s new website.  This is another great example of our team's expertise in creating quality web applications and sites offering multiple functionalities. 

In addition to the main website, an extranet allows the growers themselves to add and update information on their personal microsites at will.  We have also developed a geolocalization web application which allows consumers to locate growers, visit their microsite and find out where their produce is being sold.  Keeping both the consumers and producers of Quebec fruits and vegetables in mind, the site offers the following tools and information:

A vast number of recipes and tips featuring fruits and vegetables grown in Quebec.
Video clips that allow users to familiarize themselves with a range of local produce and how to incorporate it in recipes.
Producers each have their own microsite on which they can display the services they offer (commercial counters, family picking, produts), their crops and new arrivals all in real time.  Consumers can also easily identify the grower's points of sale and where specific produce is available.
We invite you to explore the new home of!

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