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The social goes through the Web at Bombardier

SedNove Bombardier has designed a social network to allow employees to create links. The platform, garnished features, allows the virtual community to manage its operations and communications.

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  • Bombardier aéronautique

    Sednove has designed for Bombardier an extranet for customers who have purchased a C-Series jet allowing them to follow the construction of their device.

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  • Launch of the bank B2B platform

    Investment dealers now have a new platform to help manage online investment through through SedNove.

    | 1668 Visits
  • Find a job at Coop federee

    It's easy to apply for a job with the custom designed recruitment manager SedNove by developers for the Coop. The ATS (Applicant Tracking System), an increasingly popular module.

    | 1678 Visits

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